On Sunday, 10th August 2017, i go to Bandung Indah Plaza.

Aufa : Can i sit here? I cannot find any empty place for me
Stranger : oh, sure!
Aufa : thank you! By the way, what's your name?
Stranger : i'm Leona. What about yours?
Aufa : oh, Hi Leona! I'm Aufa.
Leona : how old are you?
Aufa : I'm 14 years old. How about you?
Leona : I'm 15 years old this year, but today i'm still 14
Aufa : me too! On 3rd september i'm turning 15
Leona : oaah!! Happy birthday Aufa!
Aufa : but my birthday is september Leona, it is August now.
Leona : its okay. I can't enactive that we can meet again next month
Aufa : you are a good person Leona! Thank you! And by the way happy birthday for you too!! Haha.
Leona : hahaha thank you Aufa! And by the way, my driver is already here. Good bye! Hope i can meet you soon!!
Aufa : good bye Leonaa!!

It's Me!!


     My Name is Aufa Nur Hidayah, you can call me Aufa. I was born in Bekasi, September 3rd 2002. I am 14 years old. I live at Perum Griya Ciwangi H4 no.8, Purwakarta. but now, i live at Kalimantan street number 12, Bandung. I study at 3 Senior High School, Bandung. I wear glasses since i was 7 years old. i am a moody person. My favourite foods are Ice cream and chocolate. My favourite ice cream flavours are Banana, Chocolate, and Vanilla-oreo. I really want to be a pediatrician. 

     I have one sibling, his name is Akif. He is 11 years old now. He goes to Al-Muhajirin Elementary School Purwakarta and he is in the fifth grade. My mother's name is Dinar, and my father's name is Wahyu. My mother is 38 years old, and my father is 41 years old. They are work at the same company but different place.

     I was born in Bekasi, but when i was a little kid, i lived in Pandeglang, and moved again to Bekasi. When i was 4 years old, i moved to Purwakarta, because of my mother'…